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The Best Colorado References in South Park

If you’re not familiar with Comedy Central’s raunchy (yet classic) cartoon show South Park, and you are planning to move to our beloved state, well stop right there.  One of the greatest part about being a dual Colorado native and South Park fan is that you often get a few extra jokes thrown in.  Transplants might not be as familiar with these places or references, but once you’ve been living in the Centennial State for a while, these Colorado inside jokes take on a much more lovable and funny meaning.



 #1.   The Losing Edge (Season 9, Episode 5)

best-colorado-references-south-park-1In this episode, baseball season has struck and the boys are rather bummed out that they have to get dragged around Colorado all season because they all hate the game.  After winning their final baseball game, the boys are horrified to find they will have to play in the post season playoffs which will chew up all the time of their summer vacation.  I thought this episode was hilarious (my brother was on a very competitive little league team and we were dragged ALL over the state to his games).   Trey Parker and Matt stone did an excellent job of portraying the stereotypes of each city the South Park Cows played in ( along with the over zealous and often violent nature of youth sports parents)


One of the stops made by the team is in Pueblo, Colorado, which is the largest southern city in the State – with a large Hispanic population.  Here, Randy is using a Spanish dictionary to taunt the opposing team.













In another baseball game in this episode, the team travels to Greeley, known as one of the biggest “cow towns” in the state for its large cattle industry.












#2.  Local Businesses in South Park that actually exist in Colorado

Southpark has an awesome way of capturing wacky local salesmen and businesses in a way you’d have to think they were made up.  But then it wouldn’t be half as funny!  Some of my favorite real life Colorado businesses that appear in South Park include:


Jake Jabs –

jake-jabs-south-park-colorado-referencesKnown in real life for being the founder of American Furniture warehouse,  Jake Jabs has been selling furniture for decades in the state. And his trademark commercials almost always featured exotic animals, such as tigers- so to see him in cartoon form is a real treat!


You can visit American furniture warehouse here..



Dealin’ Doug –

As we Colorado natives have heard a million times,  Nobody beats a Dealin’ Doug deal, Nobody.  I can’t find the episode he appears in ( there are probably several, but I certainly remember spitting my drink out in laughter when South Park lampooned his straightforward, but sometimes clownish used car sales antics.


Tom Shane –

Owner of the Shane Company (a fine jewelry dealer in Colorado),  Tom Shane is known for his real life monotone radio ads, and saying “now you’ve got a friend in the diamond business”  He’s featured in the episode “Guitar Queer-O



#3  The Denver Broncos

What can we say about the Broncos, other than they are very well loved in Colorado!  Trey and Matt also have seemed to take a liking to the team and toss in a Broncos friendly nod whenever they can.  (while also trashing Tom Brady and the Patriots a good amount too!)



# 4 Boulder Colorado Hippies

The 2nd episode of the 9th season, entitled Die Hippie Die was particularly funny for me, as I attended my undergraduate years of college at the University of Colorado (which is also where the show’s creators went to school)  In this episode a horde of hippies takes over south Park, but there are pretty overt references through out the show that give us a clue these guys might have come from Boulder.  (What’s that skunky smell???)


#5 Casa Bonita

Nothing in the world gives me a better laugh than when I tell an out of towner Casa Bonita is a real place – they freak.  They know the episode, but have no idea it’s a real restaurant (which still has really terrible food)  off of the West side of Colfax Avenue.  And yes, it has cliff divers.  And yes, it has Black Bart’s cave.  It’s definitely worth a night out just for the novelty, and it’s a hell of a lot funnier after you’ve seen the episode Casa Bonita (Season 7, Episode 11)

So, that’s it for my list of the best Colorado references in South Park.  Did I miss any?  If so let me know!  And of course, let me know if you’re considering moving to Colorado – I would love to be your agent.




*all video and image content belongs to South Park and Comedy Central, NOT ME! 🙂 *****

31 Mar

An Afternoon in Nederland Colorado

An Afternoon in Nederland Colorado

nederland-coloradoBoulder is a great town, but sometimes you just need a break.  That was the case for me last Friday when on a whim I decided to go get some lunch in my favorite little mountain town of Nederland.  About 18 miles into the mountains west of Boulder lies Nederland Colorado, a town famous for, well, its weirdness.

Nederland is probably most famous for it’s Frozen Dead Guy Days festival, which began in 2002 and has since become an internationally recognized festival.

In 1989, a Norwegian citizen named Trygve Bauge brought the corpse of his recently deceased grandfather, Bredo Morstøl, to the United States.[1] The body was preserved on dry ice for the trip, and stored in liquid nitrogen at the Trans Time cryonics facility in San Leandro, California from 1990 to 1993.[1]

In 1993, Bredo was returned to dry ice and transported to the town of Nederland, where Trygve and his mother Aud planned to create a cryonics facility of their own. When Trygve was deported from the United States for overstaying his visa, his mother, Aud, continued keeping her father’s body cryogenically frozen in a shack behind her unfinished house.[1]

Aud was eventually evicted from her home for living in a house with no electricity or plumbing, in violation of local ordinances.[1] At that time, she told a local reporter about her father’s body,and those of two other individuals,and the reporter went to the local city hall in order to let them know about Aud’s fears that her eviction would cause her father’s body to thaw out.

frozen-dead-guy-days-2015-nederland-colorado-caleb-block-real-estate-agentThe story caused a sensation. In response, the city added a broad new provision to Section 7-34 of its Municipal Code, “Keeping of bodies”, outlawing the keeping of “the whole or any part of the person, body or carcass of a human being or animal or other biological species which is not alive upon any property”. However, because of the publicity that had arisen, they made an exception for Bredo, a grandfather clause. Trygve secured the services of Delta Tech, a local environmental company, to keep the cryonic facility running. Bo Shaffer, CEO of Delta Tech, is known locally as “The Iceman” and caretaker responsible for transporting the dry ice necessary forcryopreservation to the IC Institute,[2] something he has done since 1995.[1] In that year, the local Tuff Shed supplier and a Denver radio station built a new shed to keep the body of Bredo in.[1] In the fall of 2012, Jane Curtis Gazit and Mike Wooten, took over as Bredos caretakers, but they passed caretaking duties to Brad Wickham, a resident of Nederland, who is the current caretaker. In honor of the town’s unique resident, Nederland holds an annual celebration, first started in 2002.[1] – Wikipedia

Unfortunately I had missed the festival this year, but there were still plenty of evidence that the town had been celebrating only a weekend before.  So, beginning to feel hungry from my drive up, and in need of some WIFI, I strolled into the Pioneer Inn.  The Pioneer is a great place to stop in for a brew and some pub grub, and I made myself at home with a pint of Sawtooth Ale from Lefthand brewing, and a mountain hike bison burger.  The meal was complimented with some friendly conversation with locals, as well as a bachelor party group that had been dressed in matching zoot suites.  Hey, that’s just Ned for you.

After my meal I wandered down first street and checked out my favorite stop, Nature’s Own mineral store.