Open houses are a waste of time for sellers

There, I said it.

Open houses are a waste of time for sellers.

“Why do you say that, Caleb?”  Well, it’s simple.  Here’s why:

What’s the most traditional marketing method when selling your house? The OPEN HOUSE! But, is it really all that useful? I don’t think so.

Open houses are really not very great – only 1-2% of homes even sell via an open house, and you are opening your home up to some potential danger.  Is a 2% chance worth the potential of damage to the home, theft, or something even worse happening?

Open houses really are just a marketing gimmick used by the listing agent in order to find new BUYER clients. That’s why we all have a sign in sheet and ask people to fill out their information upon entering. It’s not to sell YOUR house, but rather so we can get some new leads.  Most agents that are doing an open house are doing it, at least partially, with their own business interests in mind.  That’s why other agents from the same brokerage will hold an open house for your listing agent.

Open houses also will allow anybody into your home – they may be neighbors looking at your drapes, or even criminals that are casing out the home in order to burglarize it.  It happens every year in America where people have their home for sale – stuff gets stolen.  Firearms, jewelry, electronics and drugs (prescription or otherwise) are all open season in an open house.  Some thieves are seasoned and will come in groups, splitting up inside the house so the agent hosting the open house can’t keep track of both of them at once.  This is not even mentioning the potential of assault / rape / other much more heinous things that could happen.

If an open house is the only method of marketing that your agent provides, you may want to re-think your business relationship with them. A well made video tour, professional photography of the home and well planned social media exposure will go a LOT further in the effort to sell a house than holding an open house. In my opinion open houses are a waste of time for sellers.

My name is Caleb – I am a realtor in Parker, Colorado. You can contact me via my website