Residential Flood Insurance

Hey everyone,

You may or may not have heard, but starting in late 2017 in addition to my real estate business, I have been wandering into the world of residential flood insurance.  Now, this may not seem like a big deal in Colorado but there are in fact a lot of homes that sit in flood zones.  You probably don’t even think about it, until you go into a contract on a property and find out that it sits in a flood zone.  Then, you’ll be required to carry residential flood insurance by your mortgage provider.   That’s why I started Save Flood Insurance Agency Inc.  We provide an alternative to the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) policies, and strive to be a lot more affordable.

When do I need Residential Flood Insurance?

Basically you can put flood insurance risk into two main buckets.  High Risk Zones and Low to moderate Risk Zones.  High risk zones are marked by an “A” in FEMA flood maps.  Low to moderate risk zones are “X” zones.  If the property resides in an A zone, that means at least part of the building footprint is inside of a 100 year flood zone.  This means that there’s a 1% chance every year of a flooding event.  In the case your home is in an A flood zone, your mortgage company will require you to carry residential flood insurance for the property.    This can also make the property harder to sell, because many buyers will be scared off from not only the potential risk of a flooding event, but in many cases the extremely high premiums that flood insurance requires.  Save Flood insurance agency’s products are under written by Lloyd’s of London, which is one of the oldest insurance institutions in the world.  Our residential flood insurance products are meant to provide better coverage for a lower cost.

So, if you end up needing residential flood insurance, give me a call!  Or check out