27 Jan

5 Things to Know About Boulder Before you Move

5 Things to Know About Boulder Before you Move

Boulder, Colorado is a great place to live – it’s beautiful, progressive, and full of healthy fun loving people.  However, I have been thinking a lot about what an out- of towner might want to know before moving to Boulder.   So, here’s my list of 5 things to know about Boulder before you move here.

5. You’ll want to get in shape, because everyone else is!

boulder-triathlon-caleb-block-real-estateWhen I originally moved from Parker Colorado to Boulder in order to attend school at the University of Colorado, I thought I was in pretty decent shape.  I had played soccer for my high school Varsity team for two years, and I did plenty of running.  One of the first things that blew me away about Boulder Colorado is how fit everyone is here.  It’s home to one of, if not the, highest percentage of triathlon athletes in the United States.  And even if the triathlon isn’t your cup of tea, there’s plenty of hardcore climbers, boulder-ers, bicyclists, hikers, & sports players.  If you live in Boulder, fitness is going to be part of the package.


4. It’s not the hippy town you think it is.

cartman-hippies-boulder-coloradoWhile Boulder may have had a reputation for it’s liberal outlook on life, much of the ‘hippy’ culture has faded back since I have lived in the city.  Sure, you will definitely encounter a higher percentage of dread-lock haired folks wandering about, but the population is getting closer to something you would find in Silicon Valley – as many of the start up companies in the city are high tech businesses.  Outside of the college population, you’d be surprised at just how normal some of these people are.


3.  You’re going to want to get a taste for craft beer.

Craft-Beer-Fest-boulder-colorado-caleb-block-real-estateBoulder, as well as the rest of Colorado, is blessed to have a TON of great local craft breweries.  If you’re a hop head like myself, I would strongly recommend a brew-tour as part of your visit.  Some of my favorite breweries include:

  • Boulder Beer
  • Twisted Pine
  • West Flanders
  • Avery Brewing
  • Upslope Brewing
  • Asher Brewing
  • Finkel and Garf
  • The Mountain Sun ( and Southern Sun)
  • New Planet Beer


2. Getting to town can be a bumpy ride.

caleb-block-real-estate-highway-36-boulder-colorado-turnpikeIf you have never been to Boulder, Colorado before, the main highway that connects it to Denver is US – 36.  Unfortunately, 36 has been under construction for several years in order to widen it, but this has caused countless commuter headaches and doesn’t appear to be anywhere close to being complete for years to come.  I would avoid travelling here during rush hour if it’s at all possible.  There are a lot of hazards on the highway, so please drive safe getting here!


1.  The town really mellows out during the summer months.

CU-boulder-campus-caleb-block-real-estate-boulder-coloradoPart of what makes Boulder famous, of course, is that it is home to the University of Colorado.  However, after May the large population of CU Buffs mostly go back home, and the town becomes a peaceful paradise.  Summers are my favorite here, and you really notice how much quieter the town becomes without the sometimes rambunctious college population.  It’s the BEST time of year to live in Boulder!