19 Jun

Colorado Off Grid Homes for sale

Sometimes, you just want to get away from it all.  So far away from it all, in fact, that you’re not even connected to the power grid.  Luckily for you, Colorado has a great selection of off grid homes for sale.  Most of these homes are far into the Rocky mountains, and run off of solar power.   I’ve been lucky enough to have clients that were eager to find an off grid house, and thus I’ve gotten to check out some pretty unique properties.

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What should you look for in off grid homes for sale?

  1. 2015-04-06 11.27.02Power Source.  If you are truly looking for a home that is “off the grid” then you won’t be connected to any main electrical lines.  This leaves you with having to use a source of alternative energy.  In Colorado that means you’re likely going to need to find a property with solar panels and a battery array.  Be sure during the home inspection process to use an inspector that is intimately familiar with how solar panels work so they can verify the system you’re about to purchase is in good working condition.
  2.  Water source.  The dream for most off-gridders is to have a running stream or a pond on their off grid property.  This can be a bit tough in Colorado since we’re limited in the amount of water we have, and water ownership laws can often be murky and confusing.  Most off grid property you will see in Colorado will have water access via a well that is electronically pumped – While there are hand pump systems you may be able to install, you must remember that the average well depth in Colorado can be several hundred feet deep – which can render hand pump systems useless as they are not able to generate the required pressure to bring the water from aquifer to surface.
  3. How far from “civilization” do you want to be?  While it’s nice to be “away from it all” on your own homestead, everyone needs groceries and supplies at some point.  You will want to consider the nearest town and how much of a commute it will take you to go to get the necessities of life.   Planning ahead is vital, as some of the properties I have shown have virtually no access to them in the winter due to deep snow fall – So you may be stuck in hibernation mode depending on how rough the terrain around your property is.  And although it might be summer, the high country can still get very wild weather (I’ve had it snow on us during camping trips in August!!)
  4.  Can you grow your own crops there?   The off grid philosophy is about being totally self sustainable – and a huge part of that is being able to produce your own nutritious food.  I am an avid gardener myself ( although I don’t grow nearly enough to be able to feed myself from it exclusively)  So be sure to consider what kind of growing season your off grid property might have.  If you’re in the mountains, the growing season will be dramatically shortened.  If you are looking for off grid homes for sale in the mountains, you may want to consider a property that has a geo dome or greenhouse which will help to extend the growing season.

If you are interested in looking for an off grid property in Colorado, let me help you!

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01 May

Colorado prepper survivalist real estate

2015-04-06 11.24.12Do you consider yourself self sufficient?  Colorado is a fantastic place to find a retreat.  Whether you’re looking to set up a hobby farm or a off the beaten path survival retreat, Colorado offers many options for your needs.

Colorado prepper survivalist real estate

Colorado offers many different environments, fantastic scenery – and if you want it, privacy!

From the survival mom blog:

#5  Colorado Joel Skousen gives Colorado 4 stars in spite of some significant, primary military targets near Denver and Colorado Springs, and, he claims, “secret” military bases.  Outside Denver, there’s a below average population density, average cost of lving in the state, and depending on where you live, you have either a below average growing season or a very nice one with 180 days or so.  Colorado offers below average taxes and a low crime rate.  Denver has restrictive gun laws but other parts of the state are gun-friendly.


Are you interested in learning more about a Colorado prepper or survivalist property?

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